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The University of Wisconsin-Madison is seeking to fill three faculty positions as part of a campus-wide cluster hiring initiative to add to the vibrant community of academic researchers at UW-Madison focused on research at the nexus of environment, health, and community in the Native American context. Participating units in this three-faculty cluster hire include the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, the School of Nursing, and the School of Human Ecology.  Further information regarding this initiative can be found at this link: .   The successful candidate in The Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies will conduct research and participate in teaching that addresses environmental components essential to a healthful and culturally rich environment. We seek applications from those with expertise in any environmental health area, including, but not limited to: environmental epidemiology; assessment of food systems as they relate to community health and social support; environmental effects of policies unique to Native jurisdictions; study of the nature, distribution, management, restoration, and health related benefits of natural ecosystems having cultural significance to Native peoples. A large range of disciplinary backgrounds will be considered, including, but not limited to: population health, public health, demography, toxicology, geography, anthropology, ecology, and soil, air, and water sciences. More information and application can be found here: (internal job number 96076)   The successful candidate in the School of Nursing will be expected to develop and maintain a collaborative, interdisciplinary, innovative, and highly visible research program. The successful candidate's research program should generate new knowledge about chronic disease prevention and management applicable to Native American communities. Research programs should address the major factors that affect quality of life and contribute to morbidity and mortality among Native American populations (e.g. cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, serious or persistent mental illness, cancer, and substance abuse). Research programs may build on multiple approaches including symptom science, qualitative, health services research, epidemiology, community based participatory research (CBPR) or mixed methods. Research programs should be consistent with national Native American, nursing, public health, medicine, behavioral health, mental health, health care, or health systems priorities for extramural research funding. More information and application can be found here: (internal job number 95947)   The School of Human Ecology seeks an action-oriented scholar whose research focuses on Native American youth, their families, and communities. The area of research is open but should emphasize the strengths of Indigenous groups and may include indigenous knowledge systems; traditional ecological knowledge; community/tribal education, health, psychosocial health and well being, housing, and food sovereignty; environmental justice and community sustainability, mass incarceration, etc. While the specific area of research for this position is flexible, the candidate's research should focus on Indigenous peoples with a particular focus on Wisconsin communities (both urban and sovereign nations). More information and application can be found here: (internal job number 96242)
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