CFP: Settler Science, Alien Contact, and Searches for Intelligence

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The American Indian Culture and Research Journal (AICRJ) is seeking critical and creative contributions for a guest-edited special issue on settler science as it directly pertains to space exploration, alien life-forms or extra terrestrials (ET), and searches for intelligent life in the universe. Papers would present a range of theoretical, ethical, and methodological interventions of two central tropes running through the physical sciences, those being discovery and contact. We hope to accentuate perspectives on SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence), particularly those that illuminate how visions of ET contact and communication often eclipse histories and representations of previous contact zones. Guest editors David Delgado Shorter and Kim TallBear seek contributions from artists, curators, filmmakers, writers, critics, scholars, activists, performers, poets, and other culture workers working on these topics in the written form. Autoethnographic approaches to writing are encouraged. Rather than entrench a single definition or approach, we aim to facilitate dialogue that examines space exploration and discovery from diverse critical perspectives and geographical contexts. AICRJ invites 6,000-8,000 word articles exploring extra-terrestrial contact from a myriad of angles, including the history of science, critiques of the scientific method, notions of escaping the anthropocene, resource extraction, Indigenous alienation, scientific colonialism, STEM research designs, and the history of mixed messages in popular culture about civilizational progress in regards to aboriginal communities. Please email abstracts to David Shorter at