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Dear Potential Contributors: The Encyclopedia of American Indian Literatureis a reference work designed for undergraduate and high school students that gives an overview of American Indian Literature, including entries on 108 significant authors as well as entries on genres and on the four waves of American Indian Literature.   I am still seeking authors for the following entries (list included below). In general, the author entries are 1000 words, and the genre and wave entries are 3000 words, with 5000 word entries for First Nations Literature and Novels and 2000 word entries for several authors. 1000 word entries are due to me December 15, 2019. Longer entries are due March 15, 2020. The book will be out October of 2020, so this is a quick turnaround publication for all involved. Material is strictly factual, with no citation involved on most entries. The Further Reading section for each entry typically lists up to five primary works by the author. Everyone gets contributor credit (a by-line for each entry and bio in the back) along with two-years online access to the encyclopedia. Until my budget runs out, I can also offer you a hard copy of the book OR $40. There is an advantage, in other words, to claiming an entry and having me send you a contract soon. Please let me know as soon as possible the entries which you are interested in writing. The guidelines are attached.   Dr. Kimberly Gail Wieser Undergraduate Director and Associate Professor, Department of English Affiliated Faculty Native American Studies and Environmental Studies President of the Board, Returning the Gift University of Oklahoma 316 Cate Center Dr. Office 328 Norman, OK 73019-2055 Phone: (405) 325-4661 Fax: (405) 325-0831     HEADWORD Alexie, Sherman (1966-) Allen, Paula Gunn (1939-2008) Apes(s), William (1798-1939) Autobiography Belin, Esther (1968-) Bell, Betty Louise (1949-) Bird, Gloria (1951-) Bitsui, Sherwin (1975-) Black Hawk (1767-1838) Blaeser, Kimberly (1955-) Boudinot, Elias (1802-1839) Brave Bird, Mary (1954-2013) Brings Plenty, Trevino (1976-) Broyles, Marianne Aweagon (1969-) Bruchac, Joseph (1942-) Calahan, S. Alice (1868-1894) Campbell Hale, Janet (1946-) Children’s Literature Chona, Maria (1846-1936) Chrystos (1946-) Conley, Robert (1940-2014) Cook Lynn, Elizabeth (1930-) Da, Laura (1979-) Deloria, Ella Cara (1889-1971) Diaz, Natalie (1978-) Driving Hawk Sneve, Virginia (1933-) Earling, Deborah (1957-) Eastman, Charles Alexander (1858-1939) Erdrich, Heid (1963-) Erdrich, Louise (1954-) First Nations Literature First Wave of Native Literature Foerester, Jennifer (1979-) Fourth Wave of Native Literature Frazier, Santee (1978-) Gansworth, Eric (1965-) Geiogamah, Hanay (1945-) Gould, Janice (1949-2019) Hedge Coke, Allison Adelle (1958-) Henry, Gordon (1955-) Henson, Lance (1944-) Hill (Whiteman), Roberta (1947-) Historical Fiction Hoahway, Sy (1973-) Hogan, Linda (1947-) Howe, LeAnne (1951-) Kenney, Maurice (1929-2016) LaDuke, Winona (1959-) LaFlesche, Francis (1857–1932) LaFlesche, Susette (1854-1903) Lewis, Bojan (1980-) Long Soldier, Layli (1972-) Louis, Adrian (1946-2018) Marshall, Joseph M., III (1946-) Midge, Tiffany (1965-) Miranda, Deborah (1961-) Momaday, N. Scott (1934-) Mourning Dove (Quintasket, Christine) (c. 1888-1936) Niatum, Duane (1938-) North Sun, Nila (1951-) Nonfiction Novels Occom, Samson (1723-1792) Okpik, Dg Nanouk (1966-) Oliver, Louis Littlecoon (1904-1991) Oral Tradition Oratory Ortiz, Simon (1941-) Oskison, John Milton 1874–1947 Paytiamo, James (1890-c. 1957) Performance Poetry Pico, Tommy (1983-) Poetry, written Pokagon, Simon (1830-1899) Posey, Alexander (1873-1908) Powers, Susan (1961-) Pre and early contact Written Literature Revard, Carter (1931-) Ridge, John Rollin (1827-1867) Riggs, Lynn (1899-1954) Rogers, Will (1879-1935) Rose, Wendy (1948-) Sanchez, Carol Lee (1934-2011) Sarris, Greg (1952-) Second Wave of Native Literature Savageau, Cheryl (1950-) Shuck, Kim (1966-) Smoker, M.L. (1975-) Standing Bear, Luther (1868-1939) Tall Mountain, Mary (1918-1994) Tapahonso, Luci (1953-) Third Wave of Native Literature (Native American Literary Renaissance) Tohe, Laura (1952-) Treuer, David (1970-) Trudell, John (1946-2015) Two Spirit (LGBTQ) Literature Van Alst, Theodore (1965-) Vizenor, Gerald (1934-) Walters, Anna Lee (1946-) Washuta, Elissa (1984-) Welch, James (1940-2003) White, Orlando (1976-) Winder, Tanaya (1985-) Woody, Elizabeth (1959-) Yellow Robe, William (1960-) Young Adult Literature Young Bear, Ray (1950-) Ofelia Zepeda (1952-)  
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