Native American and Indigenous Studies Association

The premiere international & interdisciplinary professional organization for scholars, graduate students, independent researchers, and community members interested in all aspects of Indigenous Studies.

University of Alberta
Faculty of Native Studies,
Faculty of Agricultural Life and Environmental Sciences with
Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta present
The International Association for the Study of the Commons
15th Biennial Global Conference
May 25-29, 2015
Edmonton Alberta

As long as the river flows…. (Treaty 8, 1899)

The University of Alberta’s Faculty of Native Studies is hosting the 15th Biennial Global Conference of the International Association for the Study of the Commons with the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences and Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta in Edmonton from May 25-29, 2015. The conference is focused on many issues of environmental and social justice for Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities globally. Participants from over 50 countries will be gathering for the five day conference at Edmonton's Shaw Conference Centre. Keynote speakers, workshops and sessions include world recognized Indigenous and community leaders, activists, NGOs, scholars and students interested in learning more about such issues as community well-being, climate change, community-based resource management, water sustainability, biodiversity conservation and Indigenous rights and governance…
REGISTER ONLINE by May 15th and learn more at
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