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Call for Submissions:
An Anthology of Articles, Essays and Interviews
By Women of Color + Indigenous Women in the North American Environmental Movement

– Please share with potentially interested individuals, networks and organizations –
While a multitude of serious issues face our planet and human communities today, an array of visionary efforts, actions and solutions are simultaneously being offered to counter the many challenges we face. Women of Color and Indigenous Women are at the center of and leading much of this important work.


Women, who plant trees and community gardens in our cities. Women, who advance traditional ecological knowledge and practices. Women, who fight for clean air and demand accountability by polluting industries. Women, who challenge oil companies and defend the rights of communities across the globe. Women, who advocate for chemical policy reform and green chemistry to safeguard our health. Women, who teach and inspire around the deep connections between people and our beautiful planet. Women, who support immigrant restaurant owners to green their businesses with energy saving measures. Women, who work with passion, vision and purpose to create and achieve much against significant odds.

Call for Submissions and Nominations
With an aim to lift up and celebrate the work of so many amazing, impactful, dedicated women, we humbly invite submissions and nominations for a new anthology of North American-based Indigenous Women and Women of Color working on diverse environmental issues, locally, nationally and globally. We seek compelling articles, essays, and interviews on the profound vision, work, and wisdom that Women of Color and Indigenous Women provide to our communities and the broader environmental movement. Seasoned and emerging leaders, grassroots activists, academics, community members, advocates, scientists, social change artists and others are all encouraged to contribute. We welcome new and unpublished writers as well as those who have been published previously.

This project will showcase a diversity of important work, from climate change to sustainable food systems to Indigenous-led conservation strategies to environmental justice to green jobs to renewable energy and more. All efforts within the broader environmental and related human rights, public health and social justices spheres are welcome. You do not have to call yourself an “environmentalist” or see your work as strictly environmental to contribute to this project.

Submission Guidelines
Please see the attached detailed guidelines for submission of articles, essays and interviews.

Deadline for Nominations and Submissions
If you are interested in participating in this project, we ask that you please send us your contact information and a short abstract (of up to 200 words) describing your intended piece by March 15, 2014. Self-nominations, nominations of others and interview ideas are requested by that date. Final submissions are due on July 7, 2014. Early submissions are encouraged.

Questions or To Discuss Ideas
Please contact the editors at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Anuja Mendiratta, MES, Project Director and Co-Editor
Jeanine M. Canty, Ph.D., Co-Editor
Suzanne Benally, MA, Co-Editor

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