Native American and Indigenous Studies Association

The premiere international & interdisciplinary professional organization for scholars, graduate students, independent researchers, and community members interested in all aspects of Indigenous Studies.

Successful candidates for President-elect of NAISA will serve a total of three years, first as President-elect, then as President, then as Past-President. The three people holding these positions will work closely with each other in setting agendas and priorities for the council and for the association.

The priorities of the president-elect year include: taking part in discussions and decisions about association finances as part of the finance committee; developing agendas for council meetings; help with planning for future meetings; keeping in regular contact with the president and past-president as these three offices respond to various situations that arise.

The President-elect, President, and Past-President play a crucial leadership role in the life of the association, and their presence at council meetings is often critical.The council convenes at the annual meeting, in a two-day meeting in December to set the program at the site of the upcoming annual meeting, and in periodic conference calls via telephone or Skype.

The association has not usually been able to provide funding for council travel to meetings or reimbursement for phone charges and other expenses. In the presidential year, priorities include: lead the council in its meetings, conference calls, and other communications; work with the secretary to arrange and set agenda for meetings and conference calls and maintain records of the association’s activities; work with the treasurer and the finance committee on financial and legal issues; work closely with the hosts and others involved in the planning and execution of the annual meeting; work on initiatives that the president and council have identified as important to the health and development of the association. The past-president will work closely with the president and president-elect, continuing initiatives and providing counsel, support, and assistance as needed.