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Jolan-HsiehDr. Jolan Hsieh is an Associate Professor in the Department of Ethnic Relations and Cultures, College of Indigenous Studies, National Dong Hwa University, TAIWAN. She earned her Ph.D. (2002) and M.S. (1996) in Justice Studies from Arizona State University-Tempe, USA. Her undergraduate degrees include a B.S. in Women's Studies (1993) and a B.A. in Church and Community Service (1991).

Jolan's research interest areas are Justice Theories, Law and Society, Human Rights, Gender/Ethnic/Class, Collective Identity and Social Movement, Indigenous Peoples' Traditional Knowledge, Feminist Legal Studies. Her book, College Rights of Indigenous Peoples – Identity-Based Movement of Plain Indigenous in Taiwan, published with Routledge (2006/2010). Jolan has developed expertise and interest specifically in the cultural aspects of socio-political issues, and how these process leads impact to indigenous policy in Taiwan and other countries.

Jolan's record shows her professional service for both the academic and community publics as well. Due to her personal research interest and the need to understand other countries' politics and related social issues, she organized several international conferences which included national policy studies on Canada, India, Samoa, New Zealand, and Belgium. In the last few years, she served as Executive Director for the Institute for National Development, Secretary General for both the Taiwan International Studies Association and Taiwan Canadian Studies Association, Executive Editor for both the Taiwan International Studies Quarterly and Taiwan Journal of Indigenous Studies, the PingPu (Plains Aboriginal) Working Committee of the Council of Indigenous Affairs, and Hualien County's Gender Equality Committee.

At current, Jolan directing the Innovation and Incubation Center for the Indigenous Peoples, serves as board of director / committee member of Mackay Memorial Foundation (Hospital), Mackay Medical College, Tainan City's Ethnic Affairs Office, Taichung City's Indigenous Peoples' Council, and Treasurer of the Trans-Pacific Environmental Action Network (U.S based NGO). Most recently, due Jolan's active service in community and professional knowledge, she also has been elected as Indigenous Peoples' Cultural Foundation's Standing Supervisor.

Dr. Jolan Hsieh also plays active role in her Siraya Nation's language and cultural revitalization movement and writes critiques in indigenous politics for several Taiwanese newspapers.


I am very honored to be nominated for the NAISA Council member. I am on faculty in the College of Indigenous Studies and am committed to doing intellectual work that serves Indigenous Peoples sovereignty, as well as cultural and language revitalization. I have attended the annual meeting since its established in 2009. As a Taiwanese Siraya indigenous scholar and activist, I advocate my knowledge in the field of social (in)justice and indigenous human rights.

I am committed to the development of indigenous studies as a coherent field, especially in providing viewpoints of Asian Indigenous peoples. I believe Indigenous scholars and activists need explicit treatment of our histories and practices from our own unique worldviews, therefore we also need to develop indigenous-based analytical frameworks as well as be able to speak for Indigenous ways of traditional knowledge and wisdom. I am committed to facilitating participation in NAISA by indigenous scholars from Indigenous Peoples' multicultural communities while respecting the nuanced ways in which various indigenous' works on different continents.

If elected, I will commit myself to work on main mission of the NAISA. First, with my training background and experience in trans-disciplinary programs, I am convinced that NAISA's strength stays in its organic differences as a useful supporting network. Second, I would bring with my election a particular focus on transitioning from a North America based professional organization to one that effectively serves the further inclusion of voices and perspectives from across the global South and North.

I thank all of NAISA's members and the officers' strength and conviction during our organization's establishment years. I thank the other candidates this year for agreeing to stand for election for NAISA's betterment. I thank my Grandmother's spiritual talk that leading me to taking this opportunity for greater service. And I thank all my relations.