Native American and Indigenous Studies Association

The premiere international & interdisciplinary professional organization for scholars, graduate students, independent researchers, and community members interested in all aspects of Indigenous Studies.

The deadline to apply for the 2017 Indigenous Writer-in-Residence Fellowship at the School for Advanced Research is Monday, January 9, 2017.
The School for Advanced Research (SAR), with the generous support of Lannan Foundation, offers one Indigenous Writer-in-Residence fellowship annually. The purpose of this fellowship is to advance the work of an indigenous writer pursuing their creative project while enabling them to interact with local scholarly, artist, and Native communities. The seven-week residential fellowship includes a $6,000 stipend, on-campus housing, studio space, supplies allowance, library support, and travel reimbursement to and from SAR. The fellowship provides time for the writer to explore new avenues of creativity and develop ideas to further advance their work.
For more information and how to apply, please go to or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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