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History and American Indian Studies, University of Minnesota
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I am an historian working in American Indian and Native Hawaiian studies who is deeply interested in the intersections of American Indian and Kanaka Maoli histories, politics, and present circumstances. My first book, The Color of the Land, argues that contestations over American Indian lands in the Muscogee (Creek) Nation were crucial to the shaping of the national and racial identities of American Indian, African American, and white people in that region. I have recently published work concerning the historical interactions of Native Californians, Kānaka Maoli, and South Chinese. I am currently writing a book, largely based on Hawaiian-language sources, on Kanaka Maoli conceptions of and engagements with global geography in the long nineteenth century.

It a great honor to be considered as a candidate to serve NAISA as secretary. I have greatly benefited from the work of NAISA's founders and leaders, as NAISA has allowed me to engage with a much broader range of scholars in Hawaiian studies and Indigenous studies. NAISA's growth has been nothing short of astonishing: in the span of only a few years, it has established itself as a meeting place, a network, and a forum for significant communication among scholars and communities spanning geographical and disciplinary boundaries. That amazing growth is in large part the work of dedicated individuals putting energy and effort and care into founding and nurturing NAISA. I am pleased at this opportunity to do my part to facilitate NAISA's continued growth.