NAISA Council members serve terms of three years. Their role includes working with the other members of the council to make group decisions regarding: the conference program (by reading and evaluating paper and panel proposals and sessions and negotiating the roles of the council and the host committee); membership and conference fees; locations for future conferences; the Call for Papers for the conference; policies of the Association; raising, managing, and spending funds; appropriate modes of communication with the membership including the content of the message. The council convenes at the annual meeting, in a two-day meeting in December to set the program at the site of the upcoming annual meeting, and in periodic conference calls via telephone or Skype. The association has not usually been able to provide funding for council travel to meetings or reimbursement for phone charges and other expenses.

Along with working as a group, members of the council might assist the host committee in planning the annual meeting and are a vital conduit for bringing concerns of members to the council for discussion an, if necessary, remedies. They also keep in regular contact with the president and council, work on initiatives that the president and council have identified as important to the health and development of the association, and possibly serve on either permanent or temporary committees.