Native American and Indigenous Studies Association

The premiere international & interdisciplinary professional organization for scholars, graduate students, independent researchers, and community members interested in all aspects of Indigenous Studies.


The broad use of Vizenor-created theoretical terms in many different academic fields (e.g. law, literature, anthropology, sociology, museum studies, etc.) highlights the fact that Vizenor Studies represents a significant interdisciplinary conversation within the broader field of Indigenous Studies. As such, the editors of Transmotion will look for submissions of critical essays that do any of the following:

Look at Vizenor’s work directly, as well as the work of related authors and theorists in the field
Employ Vizenor’s theory to look at other writers
Continue Vizenor’s project of bringing together traditional indigenous knowledges and Asian or European continental philosophy
Explore the inter-relation of image and text, art and literature, in Vizenor’s work
Contribute to recent developing conversations in contemporary Native American art and literature, in relation to questions of visual sovereignty, visuality, and ethics.
Offer innovative, surprising, unexpected and creative critique of American Indian literatures or other creative arts
Emphasize experimental, theoretical, and avant-garde Native North American work

The journal will also accept creative or hybrid work, provided that such work aligns aesthetically with the aforementioned editorial emphasis. The editors particularly welcome submissions of innovative and creative works that exploit digital media.

Transmotion is hosted by the University of Kent and produced in collaboration with European University Cyprus, California State University San Bernardino and the University of Georgia, under a Creative Commons license. All submissions will be double-blind peer reviewed, in a process reviewed by our editorial board, who will also approve each issue.

Enquiries regarding submission are welcome and may be sent to the editors at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Scholarly articles should be 20-25 pages in length, prepared according to the MLA Style Manual. Creative work can be of any length. We are also very keen for scholars to put themselves forward as potential book reviewers and to volunteer to be anonymous peer reviewers.

Information regarding on-line submissions of full drafts can be found at:


David J. Carlson (California State University San Bernardino)
James Mackay (European University Cyprus)
David Stirrup (University of Kent)
Laura Adams Weaver (University of Georgia)
Editorial Board

Jennifer Andrews (University of New Brunswick)
Scott Andrews (California State University Northridge)
Kimberly Blaeser (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee)
Jill Doerfler (University of Minnesota Duluth)
Hsinya Huang (National Sun Yat-sen University)
A. Robert Lee (University of Murcia)
David L. Moore (University of Montana)
Margaret Noodin (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee)
Jace Weaver (University of Georgia)
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