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Please note that a non-academic position has been posted for UCLA's American Indian Studies Center for 10 days. The job closes at 5 pm Pacific time on Monday, November 10th. It is a Management Services Officer II position, which requires applicants to have substantial financial management experience. Please go to UCLA Job Opportunities website or click on this URL for more information:
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Council has acted to address what we believe is a structural problem in the current terms for certain officers in the association.

The terms for Secretary and Treasurer are three years each. Up until now, those terms have run concurrently, such that every three years we have a new Secretary and Treasurer at the same time. This fact means that, for that year, three of the association’s five officers are new to Council (including the President-elect), and the President for that year has the difficulties created by there being two people who are unfamiliar with the vital administrative work that their positions require. Having a new Secretary and Treasurer at the same time, then, needlessly creates disruption in the life of the association.

For these reasons, Council has decided to stagger the terms of Secretary and Treasurer by a year. In order to do so, we have added the following section to the NAISA By-laws:

“After consultation with Nominations Committee, Council has reached the conclusion that the terms for Secretary and Treasurer should be staggered by a year, so as better to maintain continuity and facilitate the transition among officers. In order to do so, there will be a one-time extension of the current Secretary's term for one additional year to run from the end of the annual meeting in 2015 to the end of the annual meeting in 2016.”

As a result of this change, there will not be an election for Secretary this year. Instead, David Chang has quite generously agreed to stay on in the position for an additional year so that we can redress this structural issue.

NAISA Council
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The deadline for submitting proposals for the 2015 annual conference in Washington D.C. (June 4-6) has been extended to Monday Nov. 10.

The abstract collector can be found at
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American Indian Dance Theater is now developing its largest and most elaborate production, a new full-length dance drama entitled Ceremony for Mother Earth: A Healing, and a development workshop for this spectacular show is in the planning stage.
Performed by a company of 18 professional American Indian dancers, singers and musicians, this visually dazzling full-length production dramatizes one of the most compelling challenges facing the human race today: the impending destruction of the Earth’s environment by pollution, global warming, human failure and greed. Adapting tribal myths, legends and stories passed down through oral traditions for its narrative, the show depicts the struggle to stave off the alarmingly rapid decline of Earth’s ecological systems, atmosphere, plant and animal life, and human social structures. For more information, go to:
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The Department of Ethnic Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder welcomes applications to our PhD Program in Comparative Ethnic Studies. Our streamlined program emphasizes transnational, comparative, intersectional, decolonial and queer studies frameworks to examine race, gender and sexuality.

For more information please visit our website at:

Applications are due by December 1, 2014.
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