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Inspired by the 1961 Kent Mackenzie film, The Exiles, which depicts the lives of Native peoples relocated to Los Angeles during the 1950s, Navajo photographer and filmmaker Pamela Peters is (re)creating a documentary picture of urban Indians living in Los Angeles today. Legacy of Exiled NDNZ is a short, multimedia piece incorporating film and photography that documents the lives of seven young American Indians who have either migrated from their respective reservations, or who continue to survive as offspring of families who participated in the Indian Relocation Program enacted by the US government in 1956. Through the stories told by these young adults, we catch a glimpse into the maturing lives of a group of urban "NDNZ" and witness a tribute to the first generation of relocated (exiled) American Indians from the 1950s. To learn more and to donate to this remarkable film, go to /
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